App development Mistakes to Avoid

4 min readFeb 26, 2018


If you are contemplating on the introduction of a business mobile app and are almost at the verge of getting on with it, this is a post you just can’t avoid. Deciding whether an app is your businesses’ shot of joe is a task and getting the right perspective is also important. Most businesses decide on investing in an app and hire high end developers for it or manages to appoint an in house team for the same. What most people don’t realise is that though the idea of a mobile app sounds good and perfect to your budgetary plans, the crucial factor lies at the stage of development. With so many apps and app development agencies pitching their expertise, there are a few factors that you should be aware of. These are the common mistakes that app developers make in their apps that further complicates the app experience. We, at _ bring you the top _ mistakes app developers make that must be addressed and taken care of:

1.Understanding the target: It is important to understand the target before you plan the app. This is a prerogative to the development stage. In case you intend to create a high end utility app, you must understand the psyche and ability of the users you intend to serve. Of What good is your app if it can serve its simple purpose! Make sure that you analyse the user base and then re-strategise your approach. This will help you in the long run and will make your app garner the reviews it deserves. Investing your time at this juncture is crucial to avoid any major conceptual glitch.

2. Most companies forget to think beyond a certain app development platform. This is where the basic issue begins. We must understand that mobile apps are developed for smartphone users and every mobile has its own development platform like Android, iOS, etc. If your target audience isn’t specifically a single platform based, you must develop your app, perfected on almost every platform. This will help your app reach almost every potential app user thus helping you capture a larger share of the market; as compared to a single platform oriented reach and connect.

3. Too many features: It makes no sense if your app is industry specific but isn’t oriented in the manner it ought to be. If your app is developed to provide information and extend a certain set of services, you must focus on getting the requisite features only onboard whilst avoiding the many unwanted features that help in nothing but crowd the app. It is necessary that you remain goal specific and customised for a specific audience to make sure that your app serves the right audience in the right manner.

4. The lack of proper testing causes major problems in the mobile app considering that not all aspects of the app hasn’t been checked and may have caused resulting issues in its performance. What most companies do is rely on a so-called ‘cost beneficial’ testing person who may or may not review the app to perfection. It is necessary to decide on whether the app has to be manually tested or automated. Based on this very decision, you have to make sure that your app is being tested by a manually proficient tester or a tester with adequate experience in handling the automation software.

5. No Pre and post launch planning: This is yet another grave mistake on the part of the business owners. You’ve worked hard during the planning, conceptualisation, development and introductory stages. Yet, your efforts fail to help you gain that edge because you haven’t paid enough attention towards the pre and post marketing strategies that a business must follow at the app development stage.

6. User experience is yet another factor that most business owners often forget to focus on. It is necessary to have this factor in mind while planning the product. It is necessary to plan and develop the app keeping the user in mind. It is necessary to remember the purpose behind the app and the audience you are creating it for. If you focus on creating an app that will make things easier for your target, you have to think from the user’s point of view. This will help you develop the app based on the app user’s expectation from the app. It is necessary to keep it objective and easy to use.

7. The wrong team: Most business houses land up hiring the wrong team of professionals for their app. This causes a lot many complications in the app development process, causing there to be a loss of money and time. The lack of flexibility and the inability to understand the business policy and vision is the most common reason for such complexities. With so many app development agencies sprouting every alternate day, it might get a little difficult for you to choose the right team for your app. Make sure that you hire a team with an impressive app development story in your industry with the right kind of professionals and expertise on board. This will help you emphasize on the task better with the right perspective.

With so many businesses deciding to go the app way, it is necessary that your app manages to avoid the most popular mistakes that most businesses make while planning and developing an app. the intention behind the app is to make it work for your business. Make sure that you do it the right way with the right team.

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