How is IoT redefining the Mobile App Culture and Technology

Back in 2007, when the first iPhone was introduced, it literally changed the way we saw and used devices. Google’s Android was not far behind and soon caught up the pace to compete with iPhone in the Smart Devices race. Since then, mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily lives — being there in almost everything that we do and in how we accomplish our everyday tasks.

Now, it’s time for another such technology to further redefine our world in which we live. And it goes by the name IoT, or Internet of Things. In layman’s terms, IoT is a network through which physical devices (e.g. a refrigerator, television, locks, smart watches, cars, etc.) are connected to the internet and can be accessed and controlled remotely through a smartphone.

How big is the IoT market? Well, according to Forbes, businesses will spend approximately $267 Billion on IoT devices by 2020. So get a hint.

As every device gets connected to the internet, current smartphone users who prefer the “on-the-go” lifestyle will control and interact with their devices via smartphone apps. So needless to say, mobile apps will be at the center of IoT.

With the adoption of IoT, on demand app solutions will no longer be used only to find an information, place an order, or register a complaint, but it will open a whole new world of data and information which can help businesses understand both their customers and services better, stay more competitive in the marketplace, make better decisions and stay more vigilant about what they introduce or upgrade in the market.

More interaction with customers
Currently, apps are used as and when needed. For example, a person uses Uber only when he/she wants to book a taxi. But as IoT devices will be controlled via smartphone, they will have more frequent engagement with the app.
Customer will also want to directly interact with the brand if they face any problem or have any query about the device. Hence, companies will have to interact with the customer in a much more personalized and informed way. Brands have started to acknowledge customer queries even before they have them, they offer products and services just at the time customer needs them the most — so the overall customer journey is improved and businesses have higher sale points with more things in the IoT network. This helps engaging with the customer better by understanding his past, present and future requirements.

Gathering non-existent data
As pointed out earlier, IoT devices can produce a humongous amount of data with each customer interaction. A few years back, it was unthinkable to generate or gather such kind of data.

This data can uncover hidden information which help businesses to fine-tune their product for a specific customer or group according to the customer demographics and behaviour.

Better customer insights
Gathering data has one primary motive for any business: to analyze and draw a meaningful conclusion. This helps businesses to understand their product/service performance and make better decisions.

IoT has the capability to generate data not only in terms of volume but also in terms of quality. Furthermore, this data is generated at a user-level which can enable businesses to understand each customer individually rather than clubbing them into a group.

Hence, this can also help businesses get better customer insights and deliver better customer experience at a more personalized level.

Maintaining better relationships
As businesses understand their customers and their behavior better, they can bring those products to the market which better suit their client needs.

Just as it goes on the social media — where once a strong connection is made, it goes on; similarly, companies can leverage the IoT to further strengthen their relationship which improves customer loyalty towards the brand and produces more brand-advocates.

So the apps are moving from the fulfillment of customer needs to an understanding of customer need and behavior at a much deeper level. And if implemented properly, these can add tremendous value to the businesses in the competitive landscape.

IoT is just getting started, and it is here to stay and grow bigger in terms of physical products, data, offerings an experience. Big names such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. are already leveraging the IoT for better decisions and offerings. So getting in early will always give an advantage over competitors to the businesses of all sizes.

IoT Connected World
With more things connected to the internet and personal devices, IoT is just getting bigger. Making IoT friendly and integrated Mobile Apps is what small, medium and large businesses are looking forward to, for better customer experience and service. If you too are looking for a cutting-edge online marketplace solutions for your business to enhance your customer experience or boost your workforce productivity in a more connected world, we, at ValueAppz can help you achieve your goals right in your budget. Just drop us a line at and we will get back to you right away.



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