How to build a Kroger like Mobile App for Your Grocery Store?

4 min readMay 15, 2017


With the rise of Online Marketing and on demand app solutions, most of the businesses have transformed themselves and have happily accepted this innovation. From eCommerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart to Food Giants like KFC, Pizza Hut, all have gone the App-Way already and are doing exceptionally well after this magical inclusion.

The Grocery Sector also couldn’t avoid this rapid change and chose Mobile Apps for enhancing and glorifying the Online Grocery Business. Few of the renowned names are Kroger, Walmart, Grofers, BigBasket and many more.

Before thinking about having a Kroger’s like Mobile Application for your Grocery Store,there are a few things that require attention. What is Kroger? What makes it so popular? What does Kroger’s Mobile App offer? How can you have one for your business? Whom should you contact? We’ll discuss these one by one so that you clearly understand what it takes to build a Kroger’s like Mobile App for Your Grocery Store.

What is Kroger?

It’s an American retailing company that deals majorly in 4 categories- Dairies, Bakeries, Groceries and Meat. Kroger is the third largest retailer in the world. Kroger’s departmental store strength lies with the fact that they have a total of 2,778 supermarkets and multi-department stores.

Even after being such a powerful retailing giant, Kroger introduced the Mobile App to spread and grow even further. Kroger went the App-Way to expand the Online Grocery segment in 2013 and have never looked back since.

What makes it so popular?

Kroger’s popularity can be imagined by the fact that it is the third largest retailer in the world. One of the primary reasons behind this huge success is the inclusion of the Mobile App in the business. Kroger’s Mobile App not only meets the regular Online Shopping features such as Searching, Ordering, Cancelling, Payments but it also allows a user with some extraordinary functionalities.

- Advanced Search

Apart from the traditional searching using the keywords, the Kroger App allows a user with Auto-Complete Searching options. On top of that, it also provides users with their all time search history. The App intelligently provides the user with relevant searching options based on their past search history.

- Multiple Payment Options

All the successful apps these days are providing their customers with Multiple Payment options such as Net Banking, Personal Wallets, PayUMoney, Paytm, Oxigen, etc.

- App Only Features

It has become a mandate for successful apps to provide some App Only Features such as App Only Discounts, App Only Products. This not only attracts the customers but it also increases the sale because of the lucrative discounts.

- Push Notifications

You want your customer to know about any new product that has been added to your store or any new discount you are offering. Push Notifications does exactly that. An automatic notification will be sent to each and every customer who is using your Mobile App about the new happenings of your store.

- Store Locator

This feature will allow your customer to locate nearby store from their current location. This will not only make your brand popular but it will also increase the counter sale.

These are only a few features that differentiate Kroger from the rest of the on demand grocery solutions. So many other features like Hassle-Free Delivery, On Store Pickup, etc. also help in making Kroger number 3rd in the world.

How can you have one?

For a Grocery Business Owner who isn’t technically sound and still wants to have a Customizable and Hassle-free Mobile App for his business, a Productized Mobile App Development looks the most simple and prolific solution.

- Productized Mobile App Development

This is one of the most cost-effective and efficient methods of getting your own grocery business app. In a solution like this, it becomes easier for you to customize a pre-coded product that suits your business type and requirements. Since it is a productized, solution, it has a quicker turn-around and has a myriad of contemporary feature options.

- Benefits of a Productized Approach:

− Development Cost is very less.

− Zero Technical Knowledge Required.

− It’s a Fully Customizable Solution.

− Easy Drag and Drop Designing.

− No Follow-ups required.

− Provides Full Ownership.

− Customize ’n’ number of times.

A custom, beautiful and feature-rich Grocery app for your Grocery Business is just a click away. At ValueAppz, having built more than 350 amazing shopping, retail, grocery, restaurant and more such apps, we have a portfolio that just suits your unique needs. We quickly work to help get your app rolling in the market in just a couple of days.

For any queries and for a free business consultation on a grocery mobile app, just drop us a line at or click here, and we’d be happy to help!




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