How Uber Eats Delivery App Get Success in Food Industry

Online food ordering is growing leaps and bounds. Lots of competitors have entered the foray in the form of marketplaces. However, UberEats has been able to carve out a larger market share for itself. In this blog, we will discuss how UberEats have incorporated certain key features in the app and has been able to succeed.

You will need to understand the ever-changing customer’s needs and implement technologies and functionalities that allow you to service your customers based on the trends. You will have to build an app with good functionalities. The apps can be on the web and mobile (Both iOS and Android).

According to the most recent report from, UberEats is the most downloaded Food & Drink category app in the globe for April 2019. The app has almost eight million downloads, a year-over-year growth of more than double.

UberEats Business Model

UberEats operates with 4 standard operations. These four stages include

  • Restaurant search by the user
  • Order placement by the user
  • Order pick from the restaurant by the delivery partner
  • Food delivery and payment receipt (If COD)

UberEats works on the B2B Business to Business) B2C(Business to Consumer) and B2P(Business to Partner) as a strategy.

The restaurants fall under B2B, the users fall under the B2C and the delivery partners fall under B2P.

Let us discuss how UberEats make money.

  • Promotions offered by Restaurants
  • Multiple restaurants and brands give exclusive discounts to the UberEats marketplace. The trade discounts offered are one stream to make money.
  • Commissions on Food orders
  • UberEats gets commissions every time a customer places orders in the marketplace.
  • Delivery Charges
  • UberEats gets a variable delivery fee depending on the location of the customers.

Features of UberEats

Let us now look at the important features that UberEats have incorporated in their marketplace to make the platform unique.

  • Smart curation

Customers like receiving personalized promotions. The customers would not prefer it if they keep getting generic mass mailers containing many products that the marketplace wants to sell. AI is the technology that drives customization in mobile apps. In this invention. Customers are provided personalized food choices based on their past browsing history or based on their past purchases. The customers are also given an exhaustive choice of restaurants based on their food preferences.

  • Scheduled orders

Customers will have situations where they will have to order online food for the next few days. This situation will happen when the family is travelling and they are alone. This could also happen to people when they would not have time to cook. UberEats is a good option if you’re short on time and need to grab meals quickly. The app allows you to schedule orders to be delivered at a specific time. The app allows you to even pre-order up to a week ahead of time.

  • Customized deliveries

Customers could end up moving around with the cities. They might want deliveries to be done at specific locations only for some specific days. The customer often has the question if their location is qualified for delivery when they order food online. Sometimes, delivery within hospitals, educational institutes, and parks could be difficult. UberEats keeps adding newer locations on a constant basis. You will be able to get your food delivered to a lot of more places than any other marketplace will be able to deliver the food for you

  • Restaurant Manager

Online ordering does not have a pattern. There are fluctuations when it comes to the demand. There will be a sudden increase in the online orders when the restaurant is not expecting the traffic. The restaurants may not have the right systems in place to be able to cater to such a demand. UberEats app When a restaurant receives a large number of online orders, the UberEats app makes it possible for the restaurants to manage the order flow, menus and improve the delivery experience to the customers. The analytics component allows the restaurants to forecast the demand based on the intelligence and ensure that they are ready for the variations in demand. The restaurants will be able to make data-driven decisions.

  • Push Alerts

Push alerts are the heart of the system. The marketplace stays in touch with the customer using this feature. The push alerts range from sending constant notifications of promotions to alerting the person on the status of the order and the discount codes. UberEats has also figured out multiple notifications on SMW, Email, and Apps.

  • Easy pick-ups

Life for a delivery partner is filled up with pick-ups and drops. They will be in multiple locations. Their work becomes difficult if they take time to locate the restaurants. UberEats has a set of step-by-step instruction functionality where the delivery partner finds the location easily. The delivery partner will be able to delivery the food on time.

Cost Structure for app development like UberEats / Zomato/ GrubHub

There are two options for app development. You can hire your own team and build the app from scratch. The cost depends on the time taken to develop the functionalities you would want in the system and the maintenance. The biggest cost element is that you would not be able to be in business till the app is completed and tested. The time can be anywhere closer to 5 to 6 months, on an average. The expected cost of building a scalable app will be closer to $150,000 to $200,000

The other option is for you to procure a clone of the popular app that you would like to use in your restaurant online business. The clone app will come readymade with the major features you would need. The clone will be tested for load and for bugs. The clone will be proven in multiple other customers’ situations. You can be in business within a few days. Customization can be done according to your needs. The cost of app development will be a fraction of the cost it would take for you to build an app from scratch.

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Appify Your Business — Create a powerful mobile app for your business to engage with customers when and where it counts.

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